Daily Memphian: Happy Glaze Donuts to revive former Germantown Papa Murphy's


Happy Glaze Donuts will open later this spring in Germantown Plaza, occupying the former Germantown Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza space.

The local business on Farmington Boulevard is the fulfillment of a long-time dream for "Chief Donut Officer" Jake Gaines. His wife’s sister and her husband, Krissy and Tim Johnson , are the owners.

“Tim made it possible,” Gaines said. “It’s always been a dream. He sees a dream and he goes for it.”

Gaines said he grew up going to Memphis-area donut shops with his father and now shares the tradition with his daughters, and that he always thought it would be neat to have his own donut shop.

“It’s a happy place. No one is ever upset when they go to a donut shop,” he said.

Gaines and the Johnson's almost purchased the former Little Caesars location in Germantown for the new donut shop, but Papa Murphy’s had closed days earlier, required less renovation, and was better for their concept of wanting to have space for patrons to dine in.

In addition, Gaines said Happy Glaze Donuts’ concept, mini-donuts made-to-order, will set the shop apart from others in the Memphis area.

A new treat shop called Happy Glaze Donuts is opening in Germantown, the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for 'Chief Donut Officer' Jake Gaines who is opening the business later this spring with his sister-in-law Krissy Johnson. (Jim Weber/Daily Memphian)

“They will never be not fresh," Gaines said. "They will be made right in front of you,” Gaines said, adding that Germantown does not have a local shop dedicated to donuts.

Gaines said 14 kinds of "mini-donuts" will be advertised on the shop's website and that they are constantly coming up with new flavors. 

“A lot of the flavors you would see in other donut shops, but (the toppings) are homemade instead of out of a bucket,” he said.

Krissy Johnson, co-owner of Happy Glazed Donuts, previously had her own cupcake catering business, and said a lot of the recipes coming to the shop will be hers.

“I tweaked on my recipes to make them work for donuts,” she said.

Some of the variations of the treat are traditional such as chocolate sprinkles and glazed, but others are creative flavors including peanut butter and jelly, fruity pebbles and apple butter.

The shop will sell the made-to-order hot small donuts by the dozen, with one dozen, including tax, being $5. There will be an online ordering feature and some large orders can be delivered through their own delivery service.

The online feature will allow people to schedule when they would like to pick up.

In addition to Gaines and the Johnson's, Krissy Johnson’s brother, Andrew Banker, will also have a part in the business. Banker owns 901Roasted, and Happy Glaze will carry the coffee exclusively.

“It’s all in the family,” Johnson said, and they plan to hire additional staff.

“It’s a happy place. No one is ever upset when they go to a donut shop.” 
Jake Gaines, "Chief Donut Officer" at Happy Glaze Donuts

In addition to the shop in Germantown, Happy Glaze Donuts will also have a food truck.

Shop hours have yet to be set, but the shop plans to be open in the afternoon and evening.

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