Where can I find the Happy Glaze Donut Truck? 

All over the place! We post our weekly schedule here or follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Do you have a donut shop?

Yes! Happy Glaze Donuts is located at 7781 Farmington Avenue, Suite 101 in Germantown, Tennessee.

I want the Donut Truck at my event! How does that work?

Booking the Happy Glaze Donut Truck is easy! Just fill out this form and we’ll help you work out all the details. The Donut Truck is self-contained, so we don’t require access to water or electricity, but we will need to park on a level surface.

What is a Happy Glaze donut?

Happy Glaze donuts are fresh, mini and made-to-order.  Your donuts are made as you watch and never sit around collecting dust! Each mini donut box contains a generous dozen donuts and the glaze topping of your choice!

What is the Little Big Box?

The Little Big Box is a pizza box full of 100 donuts with up to four different toppings. It’s perfect to take to the office or a party or enjoy yourself…!

Your coffee is awesome! What kind is it and where can I buy some beans?

We serve organic, locally roasted coffee from 901 Roasted. You can pick up a bag of beans in our shop or place a special order at 901roasted.com

Do you offer gluten free donuts?

Donut worry…yes, we do!

Do your donuts contain nuts?

No! Our donuts do not contain nuts. 

And our peanut butter glaze is the only topping containing nuts. It is prepared and stored using designated equipment in a separate area of our kitchen. 

Allergy Information

-All of our donuts contain dairy, egg and soy.

-Gluten free donuts are available upon request.

-Some (optional) toppings contain gluten.

-Our donuts are fried in canola oil.

-Our peanut butter glaze is the only glaze containing nuts. 

-Please inquire at the shop or truck if you have a serious allergy.